Through dynamic social learning opportunities, we help socially challenged teens and young adults learn to navigate life beyond high school.

We are a resource that private clients, attorneys, medical professionals, employers, and school counselors reference to support people with social challenges and autism as they transition into independent lifestyles.


Parents seeking help for their socially quirky and socially struggling adolescent or young adult often turn to local therapists or other at-home clinical professionals as a first step. 

Transition Therapy recognizes and values a collaborative, team approach to treatment.  Our Social Learning team can communicate with home-based therapists to gain further insight and to connect the experience of all involved. This collaborative approach is essential to the transition plan, progress and success of your teen/young adult. 

If you are a therapist, counselor or social worker, and would like to find out more about how Transition Therapy works with professionals or, if you are a parent in need of a Social Learning Educator specializing in Transition, in your area, please contact us or call (619) 895-0757.