We base our therapy and educational programs on individual strengths and needs in order to positively impact transitions to independence.

The individual learning opportunities we provide are often a good fit for teens and young adults who experience social missteps or social challenges at school, on the job, or in the community. This is a safe space for direct social teaching.


Through specific assessments, supplemental testing, observations, screenings and/or evaluation reviews, we identify and monitor an effective Transition Therapy and Social-Sensory Worksite plan depending on specific needs.  

Our assessment is designed to identify a profile of strengths and challenges using social language and sensory regulation strategies. Therapy may include specific accommodations and skills training in transition, on the job, in the community and at home.

RoseAnne helps me be me in expected ways.
— J.H., 16 year old client


Our job skills development is based on the individual’s special interests and personality. We learn what makes the individual tick and then cater our program to areas related to the special interests. We research and develop opportunities for a variety of experiences in order to equip our individuals with tools and knowledge they can’t imagine living without.


Our social skills programs are organized to meet individual needs. Our in-depth training in Social Thinking® concepts and other methods, allows us to guide and teach with our tailored blend of lessons and experiences.


Our life skills training and coaching goals are determined by our proprietary Life Skills Assessment. We specialize in the areas of money management, mobility training, recreational interests, home skills (cooking, laundry, shopping), personal grooming, and interviewing.  Our overarching goal is to provide individuals with the life skills to succeed with as much independence as possible.


Outings are an essential piece of our social learning experience. Life skills development and job skills development learning opportunities are offered to individuals and to small groups. The outings are an ongoing part of the Transition Therapy experience.