Knowledge, awareness and support are important.

Grounded in love and compassion, decisions made in balance with emotions and thoughts empower decision making that is aligned with perseverance and transformation.

Family Involvement

At the heart of the matter, FAMILY is where it all begins. We are here to help support your family in understanding and carry over of all skills learned. We keep your values, and your hopes and dreams at the core of every Transition Therapy learning experience

Transition & Aftercare

Specific strategies and goals recommended are based on our Social Sensory Worksite Analysis© a program is developed with recommendations specific to your young adult. We closely observe how one is incorporating social language and sensory integration in the worksite as well as within the larger community. We examine the social language required in the work environment, as well as the need for sensory breaks and accommodations, in order to achieve successful independence in the work environment.

Thanks to Miss RoseAnne, my son is excited to plan outings in the community and to earn his own money
— Very pleased Mom of an 18 year old client